Monday, 3 October 2016

Circle line "Bottle" challenge

On Sunday morning, I had a go at the Circle line "bottle" challenge ( This is to visit all the stations on or inside the classic Circle line which, of course, looks like a bottle laid on it's side on the tube map. Before the Circle line was "opened up" and extended down to Hammersmith, the Bakerloo line stations of Marylebone and Edgware Road were shown inside the Circle line on the tube map, and they are still part of the challenge, even though they are now shown outside (which is where they actually are). In total there are 50 stations to be visited, and the record is 1 hr 52 min 55 sec.

Start at Aldgate
Circle to Gloucester Road, dep. 08:20:53, arr. 08:42:25
Piccadilly to King's Cross St. Pancras, dep. 08:47:37, arr. 09:04:01
Circle to Liverpool Street, dep. 09:05:58, arr. 09:16:24
Central to Notting Hill Gate, dep. 09:20:21, arr. 09:39:04
Circle to High Street Kensington, dep. 09:46:21, arr. 09:48:08
District to Edgware Road, dep. 09:50:17, arr. 09:58:53
Walk to Edgware Road (Bakerloo)
Bakerloo to Regent's Park, dep. 10:04:49, arr. 10:09:27
Walk to Great Portland Street
Circle to Euston Square, dep. 10:13:29, arr. 10:14:39
Walk to Warren Street
Northern to Charing Cross, dep. 10:21:02, arr. 10:25:27

Elapsed time = 2:04:34

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