Monday, 4 July 2016

Labyrinth Challenge - 32 to 41

32. Ickenham
33. Hillingdon
34. Uxbridge
35. Ruislip
36. Ruislip Manor

After last month's flooding, the ticket gate line is still completely out of order. Apparently, Oyster users will have their journeys auto-completed. Two big poster stands explain all this - placed right in front of the labyrinth! I don't think they would have appreciated me insisting on photographing the labyrinth and trying to move the stands, so I had to make do with the serial number through the small gap. I will have to come back at a later date.
In October I went back to get a better picture.
37. Eastcote
38. West Harrow (In a very small waiting room. Barely room to get far enough way to get it all in!)
39. Harrow-on-the-Hill
40. Northwick Park
41. Preston Road

Restart (at West Ruislip, before walking to Ickenham) : 12:13:18, Friday 1 July 2016
Finish : 13:51:32
Elapsed time : 1 hr 38 min 14 sec
Total challenge time so far : 7 hr 43 min 4 sec

Distance travelled on the Underground : 17.22 km
Total challenge distance so far : 88.13 km

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