Sunday, 27 May 2018

Close to home - Journey 1

It's time to start my new irregular feature, "Close to home", where I try to learn more about the National Rail stations closest to my house, starting with the closest and working outwards. I hope to be able to cover all the stations in Hampshire, which will also include many stations in surrounding counties that are closer.

The instructions on how I found the distance of all the stations is here.

I'll have a post about the journey I took before the posts about the stations. These journey posts will probably only interest true transport nerds, so feel free to skip.

Journey 1
Monday 7 May 2018
Chandlers Ford to Millbrook
Service 2S43
Train number 158880
scheduled 15:14 to 15:40
actually 15:20 to 15:45

Calling at...
Chandlers Ford
Southampton Airport Parkway
St Denys
Southampton Central

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