Thursday, 15 June 2017

Lyon metro

Completing the whole Lyon metro system is more of a challenge. It has 40 stations on 4 lines. There are not a lot of connections between termini, so I did a lot of doubling back. Apart from the ends of line C, there are no terminating platforms - in each case I had to get off the train and change platforms while the train disappeared into the tunnels to re-emerge on the other platform.

Refer to this plan.

17 May 2017
Start at Gare d'Oullins
Line B to Charpennes (Charles Hernu), dep. 09:22:28, arr. 09:37:34
Line A to Vaulx-en-Velin (La Soie), dep. 09:40:11, arr. 09:48:54
Reverse line A to Hotel de Ville (Louis Pradel), dep. 09:52:54, arr. 10:06:49
Line C to Cuire, dep. 10:09:15, arr. 10:17:13
Reverse line C to Hotel de Ville (Louis Pradel), dep. 10:18:25, arr. 10:28:01
Line A to Perrache, dep. 10:32:03, arr. 10:37:02
Reverse line A to Bellecour, dep. 10:40:51, arr. 10:42:54
Line D to Gare de Vaise, dep. 10:45:18, arr. 10:52:28
Reverse line D to Gare de Venissieux, dep. 10:54:50, arr. 11:19:18

Elapsed time = 1 hr 56 min 50 sec

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