Monday, 19 June 2017

Temple to Temple

On my way home from France, I decided to make it a journey between Temple and Temple, the only stations with EXACTLY the same name on the London Underground and the Paris Metro.

21 May 2017
Start at Temple
Line 3 to République, dep. 11:40:14, arr. 11:41:09
Line 5 to Gare du Nord, dep. 11:44:52, arr. 11:48:57
Eurostar to London St. Pancras International, dep. 12:52:29 CET, arr. 14:20:48 BST
Victoria line to Victoria, dep. 14:38:00, arr. 14:46:57
District line to Temple, dep. 14:48:28, arr. 14:55:21

Elapsed time = 4 hr 15 min 7 sec

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