Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Marseille metro

Last month, I went on holiday to France, working my way from Nice, via Monaco, Marseille and Lyon to Paris.

On the way, I managed to visit the whole Metro system of two cities, starting with Marseille.

The Marseille Metro is just under 40 years old and there are two lines which cross each other in two places. My route was to start at one end of line 2, go the other end, back to the nearest interchange station, go to the nearest end of line 1, then reverse and do the rest of line 1.

15 May 2017
Start at Bougainville
M2 to Sainte Marguerite Dromel, dep. 15:05:05 arr. 15:20:20
M2 to Castellane dep. 15:21:59 arr. 15:26:12
M1 to La Fourragere dep. 15:31:01 arr. 15:38:29
M1 to La Rose dep. 15:43:44 arr. 16:08:58

Elapsed time = 1 hr 3 min 53 sec

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