Thursday, 7 September 2017

"Triple Crown" challenge

There is a new concept of tube challenge called the "Triple Crown", which I like to think of as the tube challenging equivalent of a triathlon.
It involves completing the three individual challenges as follows
1. Visit all the stations of the Docklands Light Railway
2. Visit all the stops of the Croydon Trams
3. Visit all the stations of the Circle Line "bottle" (all the stations on or inside the bottle shape of the Circle Line, plus Edgware Road and Marylebone for historical reasons)
one after the other!

Two of these I'd done before, and I've linked to my previous posts above, but I'd never even been on one of the Croydon trams before!

A competition day was organised for Saturday 12 August, with prizes for the best times on each phase and the overall time as well. I was attending the World Athletics Championship that day, but I did manage to complete it earlier on Monday 7 August.

Beckton, dep. 08:28:36
Poplar, arr. 08:47:24, dep. 08:49:14
Stratford, arr. 08:59:26, dep. 09:08:19
Stratford International, arr. 09:10:44, dep. 09:14:17
Woolwich Arsenal, arr. 09:37:54
Southeastern to Lewisham, dep. 09:44:39, arr. 09:58:00
Lewisham, dep. 10:03:44
Bank, arr. 10:29:57, dep. 10:32:02
Shadwell, arr. 10:35:30, dep. 10:40:40
Tower Gateway, arr. 10:43:09
Time = 2 hr 14 min 33 sec (Personal best)

Circle line "Bottle"
Start at Aldgate
Circle to Gloucester Road, dep. 10:58:22, arr. 11:19:36
Piccadilly to Kings Cross, dep. 11:22:35, arr. 11:41:46
Metropolitan to Liverpool Street, dep. 11:43:15, arr. 11:50:50
Central to Notting Hill Gate, dep. 11:51:51, arr. 12:09:00
District to High Street Kensington, dep. 12:13:15, arr. 12:14:59
District to Edgware Road, dep. 12:21:00, arr. 12:29:35
Walk to Edgware Road (Bakerloo)
Bakerloo to Regents Park, dep. 12:36:30, arr. 12:40:12
Walk to Great Portland Street
Metropolitan to Euston Square, dep. 12:45:37, arr. 12:47:02
Walk to Warren Street
Northern to Charing Cross, dep. 12:53:10, arr. 12:57:55
Time = 1 hr 59 min 33 sec (Personal best)

Wimbledon, dep. 13:30:16
Reeves Corner, arr. 13:53:57
Walk to George Street
George Street, dep. 14:07:19
West Croydon, arr. 14:13:28, dep. 14:14:36
New Addington, arr. 14:40:49, dep. 14:42:26
Sandilands, arr. 14:58:10, dep. 14:58:55
Arena, arr. 15:05:22, dep. 15:11:23
Elmers End, arr. 15:13:43
Walk to Harrington Road
Harrington Road, dep. 15:33:00
Beckenham Junction, arr. 15:42:15
Time = 2 hr 11 min 59 sec

Total Triple Crown time = 7 hr 13 min 39 sec

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