Monday, 4 June 2018

Close to home - Station 2 - St. Denys

Station: St. Denys
Station code: SDN
Distance from my house: 3.133km
Visited during Journey 1: Chandlers Ford to Millbrook

Whereas Millbrook, the closest station to my house, is to the south, St. Denys, the second closest, is to the east.

It is the first stop east/north of Southampton Central. The junction where the West Coastway line (towards Fareham, Portsmouth and Sussex) branches off from the main line towards London is immediately to the south. Therefore, St. Denys has four platforms, two for each branch.

As well a ticket vending machine, there is a ticket office (more accurately a hatch) open only on weekday mornings. This is located between platforms 2 and 3 - the buildings on platforms 1 and 4 are not public.

By the way, there is no missing apostrophe. The station and the local area is named after a former priory dedicated to St. Denys. This is an alternative spelling for St. Denis, the patron saint of France and Paris. Locally, you can hear it pronounced like Dennis or Dennees, but not Den-Eyes.

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